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We have eaten at the Waffle House on the Beach Express in Foley Alabama many many times. Tonight was our last time.

The food is normally good. Tonight it was mediocre at best, but from what I overheard the cook may have been new. He was however helpful and didn't have a bad attitude as the waitress did. She came and took our order promptly.

My wife had a Fiesta Omelet ( as she does every time we eat there) which was totally browned on the outside, soggy and slimy on the inside. I had Philly Cheese steak, extra pickles and extra mayo. (as I always do) . My grand daughter had a waffle and sausage.(which tasted great I might add).

First she brought my grand daughters waffle/ No sausage. We sat there for at least 5 to 8 minutes. I asked the cook for the sausage and he brought it promptly and apologized and said " I don't know why she didn't bring it, it was sitting right up there" Finally she brought My sandwich and my wife's slimy omelet. No mayo, no pickles for my sandwich no drink refills and not a word to any of us.

She proceeded to the other end of the restaurant where she stayed talking to the people at the only other occupied table in the whole building. I finally got up and asked the cook for some pickles and mayo. She then came to our table and I commented " This is not going very well". She asked "why".

I said "Well my grand daughter" was almost done with her waffle when I finally asked and got her sausage. I asked for extra pickles and mayo....and got not only no extra but none at all. We hadn't had a drink refill till yet, shall I continue?" She said to me " The waffle only takes 2 minutes and the sausage takes longer and the cook should have put your pickles and mayo on there. I said "Should the cook have refilled our drink too while you socialized with the other table?

And if one item takes longer to cook, have you ever maybe thought of staggering the start times of the 2 items that go on the same plate? She said " I had other tables to wait on" I said " Yes you did, ONE. She still didn't get us anything to drink and walked away. Finally the cook came and asked if we wanted drink refills.

About that time the manager walked in. I told him what had happened, presented him with my ticket and walked the *** out.

I don't have to pay out my money anywhere when I don't receive acceptable service or food. I came home and had a bologna sandwich which I wish I done to start with.

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