Chambersburg, Pennsylvania
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I am a regular customer at your Chambersburg Pennsylvania location and I had an extremely unpleasant visit there last night. Upon arrival there were 2 or 3 other tables already seated and a couple at the bar, there were 8 of us that came in and sat down for dinner.

Within minutes of us being there we witnessed a customer become upset that they had waited so long for their food and the waitress pretty much blew her off, of course this made the customer even madder then she already was. A shouting match between the waitress and the customer then started, for a good minuet the two were screaming at each other. The woman then left and it was then that we realized why she was so mad. We understood that when we got there it would take a little longer with a party of 8 but we had no idea what we were in for.

After the waitress took our order our food didn’t hit the grill for almost 30 minutes, a person in our group asked her if the food was going to be made anytime soon as we had already been waiting for a half hour and she said “ yea, it’s coming”. She did get our drinks quick however the cups were dirty and I had 2 pieces of ice in my warm soda. It is not an exaggeration when I say that an HOUR went by and we still had not received our food. Obviously my party as well as another table that had been seated minutes after us were now upset and the waitress did not seemed concerned at all.

When our food did finally come, every order but one was wrong. We were all missing food, she had everyone’s food that was done mixed up and a couple people just didn’t get any food. A man from another table told the waitress that he was leaving and not paying for his meal because of how long he waited and because he hadn’t even received all of his food. The waitress did not seem to care at all, she looked over at us and said” I guess you guys don’t want to pay either”, I told her that we had been here for over an hour and we didn’t even have our correct orders and my wife had not received any food at all” She immediately yelled at the cook to stop making our food because we weren’t paying and then turned around and waived at us and said have a good night.

This of course made everyone in the restaurant mad; I was a little in shock over how bad this waitress was. I asked her why this had happened and she started to yell at me, this started another shouting match between the waitress and me. She did not care at all about what had happened nor did she try and give any explanation as to what had occurred. I have never in my life had to get into an argument with a waitress nor have I ever been treated like that by any waitress in any restaurant.

I told her that she should be ashamed that she was running her restaurant that way and treating people the way she was and she just waived me out the door and kept say that the number to corporate is on the wall if I want to complain.

It is difficult for me to even put my disgust into words about this experience. This waitress is a complete embarrassment to the Waffle House and she should not be representing your restaurant in my opinion.

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Customer Care.

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I think this is the first comment I have read in which the writer uses decent grammar. I hope you called corporate.