Knoxville, Tennessee
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ok i go to waffle house once a week atleast...i was @ waffle house on paper mill road in knoxville tn this morning at 430...every waffle house i have been to in knoxville always has the air on except this one so i always go to this one...well none of the tables were clean when there was only 3 people in there so the three ladies working could have cleaned up...Carissa went to take our order and i had to ask her to clean the spot we were sitting in...well i ordered the bacon cheese chicken and my boyfriend ordere the eggs breakfast...with both sweet teas...for one i dont like eating somewhere and have to ASK them to refill me glass thats the number one thing in waitressing and that determins a tip from me...well the food was done and the cook threw down the spachela and said our order was up...Carissa gives us our order except the bacon...i had to ask another waitress for his bacon...we were eting my sandwich was so poorly put together i couldnt even eat it of the ladies was emptying the garbage and instead of cleaning our the can she put a new bag in the can and it was so filthy inside with old nasty food...that is not healthy at all and the inspector would not like that very much...the cook had a bad attitude and the waitresses were not doin their job...i am not to happy with waffle house and dont believe ill be goin back!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Waffle House Eggs.

Monetary Loss: $17.

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I'm sure the health inspector has been there on a regular basis. So what time does this place open? I think you are exaggerating to a certain degree.


Waffle house is 24/7 365 days a year.